An ice free corridor sustained Arctic marine life during the last Ice Age

During the last ice age, there was an ice free corridor wedged between two large ice masses in the Arctic. This corridor, which spanned several hundred kilometres, provided habitats for highly adaptable marine life-forms.

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Indian Ambassador visits climate science meeting in Tromsø

Newly appointed Indian ambassador to Norway, Hon. Krishan Kumar, recently visited a meeting at CAGE that highlights fruitful scientific collaboration between Indian and Norwegian climate scientists.

Text: Maja Sojtaric

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CAGE researcher joins program for outstanding talent at UiT

A new talent development program, AURORA Outstanding, will train selected young research talents to become future research leaders at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. One of the talents chosen for the program is CAGE researcher Andreia Plaza Faverola.

Text: Randi Solhaug/Maja Sojtaric. Photos: David Jensen

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