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Guerrero-Cruz, Simon; Vaksmaa, Annika; Horn, Marcus A.; Niemann, Helge; Pijuan, Maite; Ho, Adrian

Journal: Frontiers in Microbiology

Anglada-Ortiz, Griselda; Zamelczyk, Katarzyna; Meilland, Julie; Ziveri, Patrizia; Chierici, Melissa; Fransson, Agneta; Rasmussen, Tine Lander

Journal: Frontiers in Marine Science

Hawkings, Jon R.; Linhoff, Bengajim S.; Wadham, Jemma Louise; Stibal, Marek; Lamborg, Carl H.; Carling, Gregory T.; Lamarche-Gagnon, Guillaume; Kohler, Tyler J.; Ward, Rachael; Hendry, Katharine R.; Falteisek, Lukáš; Kellerman, Anne M.; Cameron, Karen A.; Hatton, Jade E.; Tingey, Sarah; Holt, Amy D.; Vinšová, Petra; Hofer, Stefan; Bulinová, Marie; Větrovský, Tomáš; Meire, Lorenz; Spencer, Robert G.M.

Journal: Nature Geoscience

Hao, Weiduo; Mänd, Kaarel; Li, Yuhao; Alessi, Daniel S.; Somelar, Peeter; Moussavou, Mathieu; Romashkin, Alexander E.; Lepland, Aivo; Kirsimäe, Kalle; Planavsky, Noah J.; Konhauser, Kurt O.

Journal: Nature Communications


A cautious return to the sea-ice.

Henry Patton (left), Anna Silyakova and Christine Lockwood-Ireland make their way back to the ice pack in the Greenland Sea.  Anna Silyakova was collecting ice cores from the sea ice to investigate methane-associated processes within, when the group was interrupted by a passing polar bear. They had to quickly abandon station and return to the safety of the research vessel Kronprins Haakon.

Methane is a greenhouse gas, and as it rises through the water column it gets captured within the sea-ice structure during ice formation. Although ice typically behaves as a barrier for gases to go through, sea-ice is often permeable and a great mediator of gas exchange in polar regions. Being porous, sea-ice provides paths for gases like methane to pass from the ocean surface to the atmosphere where it can make an impact on climate. So, after a polar bear break the scientists returned to the ice pack, albeit cautiously, and collected more samples.

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