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The steering committee is responsible for overseeing the strategy for research, training, economy and patent developments at the center of excellence. The committee also oversees operational aspects including the relationships to the University, institutes and industry. Director of CAGE, Professor Karin Andreassen, reports to the steering committee.


  • Prof. Arne Smalås
    Dean of the Science and Technology Faculty at UiT Tromsø
  • Dr. Elina Halttunen
    Head of Department, Arctic and Marine Biology, BFE-faculty, UiT
  • Kjersti Løvseth Ruud
    Department Director, Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU)
  • Dr. Nalan Koc
    Research Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute Tromsø
  • Prof. Ingrid Schjølberg
    Leader of NTNU Oceans at NTNU Trondheim
  • Dr. Geir Richardsen
    Vice president Exploration Assets Norwegian Sea, Equinor