The Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate (CAGE) is investigating the role of gas hydrates in arctic areas, and the effects they will have on oceans and our global climate in the future.

The research centre is located at UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, which is the northernmost university in the world.

Our history

CAGE was established by the Department of Geology at UiT, in close cooperation with the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU).

The centre was awarded status as a Norwegian Centre of Excellence (CoE) in November 2012. In sharp competition with 138 other research centres from different disciplines, we were one of 13 who were given this prestigious title, based upon the scientific quality of our projects.

The appointment gives funding from The Research Council of Norway, potentially for a period of ten years, and a unique opportunity to conduct basic research with a long-term scope.

Our goals

With an innovative research group who is Norway’s leading in their field and an excellent location in Tromsø – the gateway to the Arctic – the aim of CAGE is to be an important contributor to arctic marine geology research.

Our main goal is to study methane release from gas hydrates beneath the Arctic Ocean in an effort to unveil potential impacts on marine environments and global climate systems.

An extensive collaboration with research environments in Europe, Russia and North America will make the centre noticeable internationally in the years to come.

Our Steering Committee

The steering committee is responsible for overseeing the strategy for research, training, economy and patent develop-ments at the center of excellence. The committee also over-sees operational aspects including the relationships to the University, institutes and industry. Director of CAGE, Professor Jürgen Mienert, reports to the steering committee.

The members of the steering committee for CAGE are:

Prof. Kenneth Ruud (Chairman, Pro Rector for Research an development, UiT The Arctic University of Norway)

Prof. Morten Hald (Dean. Science and technology faculty, UiT);

Dr. Morten Smelror (Director, Norwegian geological survey, NGU, Trondheim);

Dr. Nalan Koc (Research Director, Norwegian Polar Institute).

Prof. Ingrid Schjølberg  (Leader , NTNU Oceans which is one of four strategic research areas for NTNU)



Our Scientific Advisory Board

CAGE has an international scientific advisory board that gives advice on stratigic scientific issues and consists of distinguished experts in their fields:

Prof. Antje Boetius (Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar Research, FRG)

Prof. Georgy Cherkashov (Institute of Mineral resources of the Ocean, RUS)

Dr. Tim Collett/Dr. Carolyn Ruppel (United States Geological Survey, USA)

Dr. Scott Dallimore (Geological Survey of Canada, Canada)

Prof. Gerald Haug (ETH Zurich, CHE; Max Planck Institute, FRG).

Scientific Advisory Board

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