Family bonding activity leads to NOK 26 million in funding for CAGE researcher

16. November 2018

When Andreia Plaza-Faverola was growing up in Venezuela, her father would take her snorkeling to …


Pär Jansson defends thesis on methane release in the water column

16. November 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Jansson who recently defended his thesis “Methane bubbles in the Arctic Ocean – …


Indian Ambassador visits climate science meeting in Tromsø

25. September 2018

Newly appointed Indian ambassador to Norway, Hon. Krishan Kumar, recently visited a meeting at CAGE …

2018_09 Aurora Outstanding_Andreia_D_Jensen

CAGE researcher joins program for outstanding talent at UiT

11. September 2018

A new talent development program, AURORA Outstanding, will train selected young research talents to become …

04_Vestnesa methane flares_ALEXEY PORTNOV

BLOG: Whether warm or cold, methane keeps leaking in the Arctic

20. June 2018

Methane has been leaking in the Arctic for millions of years, independent of warm or …

Group photo_MagellanPlus Workshop. Photo: Malin Waage

Successful Workshop on Scientific Drilling in the Arctic Ocean

12. June 2018

CAGE arranged a MagellanPlus workshop in June, to develop a comprehensive proposal for International Ocean …

Faoraminifera endret_Schneider copy

Time travel through methane seeps, using tiny time capsules

4. May 2018

24.000 years ago, the greenhouse gas methane started seeping from the Arctic Ocean floor northwest …

Fram Strait

Workshop: scientific drilling in the Fram Strait

20. March 2018

CAGE is arranging a MagellanPlus workshop in June, to develop a comprehensive proposal for International …

Mariana Esteves

CAGE candidate to join IODP expedition to Antarctica

19. March 2018

Mariana Esteves has been invited to contribute to the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) expedition …

Christmas Card copy

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

20. December 2017

We wish to thank all of our colleagues for support and fruitful collaborations in 2017. …

Alexander Tøsdal Tveit. Photo: Lars Åke Andersen

Substantial funding for cold loving bacteria research

24. November 2017

Tromsø Research Foundation, has granted millions in funds to two projects important for CAGE: An …


Exceptional score for CAGE

3. November 2017

An international committee, assigned with mid-term evaluation of Centres of Excellence, gave CAGE an exceptional …

Mohamed Ezat. Photo: Evelyn Pecori

Dr. Ezat awarded the prestigious Newton International Fellowship

1. November 2017

The high hanging fellowship will provide Mohamed Ezat, now postdoctoral researcher at CAGE, with an …


New leadership at CAGE

20. October 2017

Professor Karin Andreassen is the new director of Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and …

Exploring the canyons in Lofoten

19. October 2017

  The Lofoten islands are visited by millions of people each year. We made a different …

Stefan Bunz. Photo: Torger Grytå

Stefan Bünz promoted to professor

9. October 2017

Stefan Bünz, work package leader at CAGE, has been promoted to professor at UiT The …

Burning ice 01

Methane hydrate is not a smoking gun in the Arctic Ocean

22. August 2017

Methane hydrate under the ocean floor was assumed to be very sensitive to increasing ocean temperatures. …

Europe before the complete deglaciation

Collapse of the European ice sheet caused chaos

27. June 2017

Scientists have reconstructed in detail the collapse of the Eurasian ice sheet at the end …

Pingo_Arctic Ocean_Pavel Serov

Domes of frozen methane may be warning signs for new blow-outs

6. June 2017

Several methane domes, some 500m wide, have been mapped on the Arctic Ocean floor. They …

The massive craters were formed around 12,000 years ago, but are still seeping methane and other gases. Illustration: Andreia Plaza Faverola

Massive craters formed by methane blow-outs from the Arctic sea floor

1. June 2017

A new study in Science shows that hundreds of massive, kilometre –wide, craters on the …

RV Helmer Hanssen. Photo: Randall Hyman

Ocean waters above methane seeps absorb large amounts of CO2

9. May 2017

Surface waters above methane seeps in the Arctic Ocean act as CO2 sinks, new PNAS …

Giuliana Panieri. Photo: Torger Grytå

Giuliana Panieri elected president of EGU division

5. May 2017

Associate Professor Giuliana Panieri has been elected president of Division on Biogeosciences at European Geosciences Union …

Lava lake

Battered Earth revived by mineral weathering after mass extinction

2. May 2017

Bedrock of Earth got severely beaten up by hothouse climate conditions during one of planet’s …


CAGE Annual Report 2016

27. March 2017

Read about some of our achievements in 2016 in our Annual Report.

Ocean and atmosphere

Northern oceans pumped CO2 into the atmosphere

24. March 2017

Norwegian Sea acted as CO2 source in the past. It pumped the greenhouse gas into …

Map of the Eurasian ice sheet. Illustration: H. Patton

New reconstruction of an ancient ice sheet

13. January 2017

A new model reconstruction shows in exceptional detail the evolution of the Eurasian ice sheet during …

CAGE Advisory board, steering committee

Happy New Year!

2. January 2017

We wish you all a happy and successful 2017, and we are looking forward to …


New study describes 200 million years of geological evolution

29. November 2016

200 million years of geological evolution of a fault in the Earth’s crust has recently been …

Gender equality_CAGE_Torger Grytå

Gender equality in Arctic STEM fields

14. November 2016

CAGE has achieved gender equality among its scientist on all levels. How did this Arctic Centre …

Polarstern in the Arctic Ice. Photo: Marcel Nicolaus/AWI

Into the thinning ice of the Arctic Ocean

31. October 2016

Research vessel Polarstern reached new and barely explored areas of the High Arctic Ocean this …

Zeppelin. Svalbard

Record high greenhouse gas releases in 2015

26. October 2016

Global observations of greenhouse gases show that CO2   and  methane releases have broken all records in 2015. Cathrine …

GIMS13 Group Photo_Tororger Grytå

Around the world in four days

22. September 2016

CAGE hosted 13th international conference on gas in marine sediments (GIMS) in Tromsø this week. Text: …

Kristina Helland-Hansen

New steering committee member: Kristina Helland-Hansen

7. September 2016

Kristina Helland-Hansen, head of Exploration Technology department at Statoil, has accepted a position as a …


Methane sensor retrieved by RV Polarstern

6. September 2016

German research vessel Polarstern has retrieved a CAGE methane sensor from 2600-meter water depth in the Fram …

Benthic foram_G.Panieri

Sediments control methane release to the ocean

26. August 2016

Whether greenhouse gas methane escapes from the ocean floor depends on the characteristic of the …


Arctic clues on worst mass extinction of life

24. August 2016

Extreme global warming  caused a severe mass extinction of life on Earth 252 million years …

Sea Ice Greenland

Sea ice strongly linked to climate change in past 90 000 years

16. August 2016

Expansion and retreat of sea ice varied consistently in pace with rapid climate changes through …

Placie in wormfield

Specialized life forms abound at Arctic methane seeps

10. August 2016

Methane seeps have strong effects on the community structure at the bottom of the Arctic …

Indian Monsoon. Photo: K.V. Kamajljith

What does Arctic Ocean have to do with Indian monsoons?

8. August 2016

The sea ice cover in the Arctic is important to more than polar bears and …

Carbonate crust from ROV expedition

Successful ROV expedition to methane seeps in High Arctic

9. July 2016

The expedition was a collaboration between two Norwegian centres of excellence – NTNU AMOS and …

Observatory retrieved

Observatories, long-term greenhouse gas data retrieved from the Arctic Ocean

8. June 2016

CAGE scientists have recently retrieved two long-term observatories that have been sitting on the ocean …

Annual report front page

CAGE Annual Report 2015

3. June 2016

Read about some of our achievements in 2015 in our Annual Report.

Katarzyna Melaniuk

CAGE PhD candidate receives Cushman Award

2. June 2016

PhD candidate Katarzyna Melaniuk was recently rewarded Loeblich and Tappan Student Research Award by Cushman …

Illustration MOCA

Methane not escaping into the atmosphere from Arctic Ocean

27. May 2016

Methane gas released from the Arctic seabed during the summer months leads to an increased …

CAGE tow cam cruise4_0515

Retreat of the ice followed by millennia of methane release

13. May 2016

Methane was seeping from the seafloor for thousands of years following the retreat of the Barents Sea …


Drilling for gas hydrates in the Arctic

3. May 2016

We don’t know enough about the amounts of methane stored under the sea floor. CAGE is going …

EGU16 Press conference

Giant craters and fauna thriving on methane

21. April 2016

Two early career scientists from CAGE, Malin Waage and Emelie Åström, held a press conference …

Jakobshavn Isbre

Ice streams can be slowed down by gas hydrates

12. April 2016

A sticky spot the size of a small island once slowed down a large ice stream. It was comprised …

crater area in the Barents sea

Craters in Barents Sea not connected to Bermuda Triangle

14. March 2016

Multiple giant craters have been discovered on the ocean floor in the Barents Sea. Contrary to …

Illustration CO2 storage

How safe is CO2 storage under the sea floor?

3. March 2016

Capture and storage of CO2 beneath the sea floor is an important strategy in the …

Blob of warm ocean water during the last ice age

“Ice age blob” of warm ocean water discovered south of Greenland

19. February 2016

Greenland experienced several abrupt and severe climate changes during the last ice age. But even during …