Bivalves shell core bed

Clams help date duration of ancient methane seeps in the Arctic

9. February 2016

A bed of fossilized, methane dependent clams has for the first time been observed in …

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.21.50

Welcome to the GIMS13 conference in Tromsø

2. February 2016

CAGE is proud to host the 13th conference on Gas in Marine Sediments in Tromsø, …

Store Glacier_A.Hubbard/CAGE

Ice sheets may be hiding vast reservoirs of powerful greenhouse gas

13. January 2016

A new study in Nature Communications shows that ice sheets may be keeping vast reservoirs of …

Ingrid Schjølberg, director NTNU Oceans. Photo: NTNU Nyskaping/

New steering committee member: Ingrid Schjølberg

12. January 2016

Ingrid Schjølberg, the director of NTNU Ocean science and technology in Trondheim Norway, has accepted …

Eythor Gudlaugsson. Photo: Maja Sojtaric

Eythor Gudlaugsson defends PhD in glaciology

21. December 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Gudlaugsson who recently defended his thesis “Modelling subglacial hydrology of the former Barents …

Front page of the AMAP report Screenshot

AMAP: Arctic Ocean as future source of methane

2. December 2015

CAGE-scientists Anna Silyakova and Giuliana Panieri have contributed to the latest AMAP assessment on methane as …

South Kara Sea pingos. Illustration: Pavel Serov

Methane feeds subsea ice mounds off Siberia

13. November 2015

Huge mounds, pingos, are discovered on the seabed offshore Siberia. They are forming because of the …

RV Polarstern. Photo. K. Zamelczyk

New methane sensor installed in the Arctic Ocean

28. October 2015

German research vessel Polarstern went to the Fram Strait on an expedition this year. On …


CAGE contributes to Gordon Conference

26. October 2015

Gordon Research Conferences are a group of prestigious international scientific conferences covering frontier research in …

Bleached coral. Photo: NOAA

How do we measure greenhouse gases in the ocean?

16. October 2015

That was one of the main questions raised at a workshop, recently arranged by our …

Aleksey Portnov. Photo: CAGE

Aleksey Portnov defends thesis on permafrost

6. October 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Portnov who recently defended his thesis Role of subsea permafrost and gas hydrate …

Wine and gypsum. Photo Maja Sojtaric

Field trip to Italy sparks scientific imagination

29. September 2015

[types field=”Blogging from the field”][/types] Our early career scientists went recently on a field trip to …

Deployment. Observatory. Svalbard. Photo: A. Silyakova

Methane observatories successfully deployed in the Arctic

26. August 2015

Mysteries still abound about methane release from the ocean floor. Two state of the art …

Clumped isotope mass spect

CAGE installs new mass spectrometer

13. August 2015

Tromsø will soon be one of few places in the world where scientists can analyze clumped …


CAGE director visits new laboratory in Trondheim

24. June 2015

CAGE director Jürgen Mienert recently visited the new 2G Cryogen Magnetometer that is being installed by …

Gambo_Store Glacier_Greenland

The Power of Ice

22. June 2015

Ice has weighed heavy on the Arctic for at least two million years. And now …

CAGE Tow Cam Cruise1_0515

Exceptional view of deep Arctic Ocean methane seeps

19. June 2015

Close to 30.000 high definition images of the deep Arctic Ocean floor were captured on a …

Soma Baranwal

Soma Baranwal receives award

8. June 2015

Dr. Soma Baranwal has been selected as the recipient of the 2015 W. Storrs Cole …

Henry Poster_liggende

Patton Wins Best Poster Award

5. June 2015

Dr. Henry Patton, post doctoral researcher at CAGE, won an award for best poster at PAST …

Dr. Will Ambrose

Dr. William Ambrose appointed as Program Director at NSF

28. May 2015

Dr. William Ambrose, who is currently a visiting scholar at CAGE, has been appointed as new …

Front Page_ Annual Report 2014

Annual report for 2014

12. May 2015

We have had a busy year in 2014, with many achievements and discoveries. You can …

Cold seep site. Methane bubbles. Bacteria. Bivalves. Photo:  NOAA-OER/BOEM/USGS

Ocean currents disturb methane-eating bacteria

28. April 2015

Bacteria that feed on methane can control its concentration once it is released from the …


Are gas hydrates an environmentally sound energy source?

21. April 2015

That is one of the questions that COST Action MIGRATE is trying to answer. Stefan …

AMGG_Helmer Hanssen copy

CAGE is partner in new climate research school

16. April 2015

Norwegian Research Council supports the national climate research school, CHESS, with over 2,5 million Euro. The …

Svalbard_Fram Strait_Knipovich

New source of methane discovered in the Arctic Ocean

13. April 2015

A reservoir of abiotic methane has been discovered in the Arctic Ocean. This means that …

Anna SIlyakova, post.doc. N_ICE 2015

Blog: Measuring greenhouse gases in the Arctic

8. April 2015

Our post. doc Anna Silyakova spent six weeks frozen into an ice floe in the …

Mohamed Cage News_ResClim

Ezat wins award

23. March 2015

Mohamed Ezat, PhD student at CAGE, recently won an award for best student lecture at …

RV Lance is drifting with the young Arctic Sea ice. On board is also Dr. Anna Silyakova form CAGE, conducting the experiments in ice covered ocean. Photo: Paul Dodd/

Frozen – a story of groundbreaking research in the Arctic Ocean

19. February 2015

Dr. Anna Silyakova will spend six weeks frozen into Arctic sea ice on board Research Vessel Lance. Her goal is to …

Vestnesa Ridge

Methane seepage from Arctic seabed occurring for millions of years

5. February 2015

Natural seepage of methane offshore the Arctic archipelago Svalbard has been occurring periodically for at …

Tow Cam_WHOI

Collaboration provides fresh view of the Arctic Ocean floor

30. January 2015

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is famous for its development of groundbreaking technology for ocean research. …

Advisory Board

Visit from our Advisory Board

21. January 2015

Advisory Board for CAGE is composed by accomplished international scientists. Yesterday three of them visited …

Haakon Mosby- Photo: Alfred Wegener Institut

Scientists intrigued by a unique volcano on the ocean floor

19. January 2015

Norway has two active volcanoes. One is the northernmost subaerial volcano in the world, Beerenberg …


Happy Holidays!

22. December 2014
Kara sea_Nasa

Methane is leaking from permafrost offshore Siberia

18. December 2014

The magnificent images of a crater on Yamal Peninsula, caused by collapsing permafrost, have become …

Vestnesa flares compared to Golden Gate Bridge

Methane flares in the Arctic dwarf the Golden Gate Bridge

12. December 2014

Methane gas flares, up to 800 meters high, rise from the Arctic Ocean floor. That …

Giuliana Panieri

Panieri giving talk at The Niels Bohr Institute

13. November 2014

Associate Professor Giuliana Panieri has been invited to the internationally acclaimed research institution, Niels Bohr …

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 16.12.20

Meet our little ROV helper

6. November 2014

This summer CAGE scientists picked up methane-derived rocks from the ocean floor, using a remotely …


Building state of the art ocean observatories

13. October 2014

The technology company Kongsberg Maritime is building two ocean observatories for CAGE. Observatories will be …


CAGE elected to host international conference

2. October 2014

This years conference on gas in marine sediments (GIMS12) in Taiwan was successful for two …

Gulf Stream_NASA

The Gulf Stream kept going during the last Ice Age

12. September 2014

The warm Atlantic water continued to flow into the icy Nordic seas during the coldest …

Besøk fra stortingsrepresentantene

Members of Norwegian Parliament visit CAGE

8. September 2014

Several members of the Norwegian Parliament attended a local government conference in Tromsø this weekend. …

Aircraft_campaign 2014

Using ship, aircraft in search for methane emissions

27. August 2014

The amount of methane in the atmosphere is increasing. Is the seabed one of the …

Angela Merkel_frontpage

Research Vessel Sonne Christened by Angela Merkel

20. August 2014

German Chancellor Angela Merkel christened a brand new research vessel in July. In attendance was CAGE …

Giuliana Panieri

The changing Arctic

29. April 2014

  CAGE scientists took part in the 2014 European Geosciences Union (EGU)  in Vienna, Austria, …

Natural Gas Hydrate Systems Gordon Research Conference

28. April 2014

Natural Gas Hydrate Systems Gordon Research Conference was held on March 23-28, 2014 in Galveston, …


Ocean warming release methane from gas hydrates

28. April 2014

Sunil Vadakkepuliyambatta recently defended his doctoral thesis entitled: “Sub-seabed fluid-flow systems and gas hydrates of …

Methane release in the Arctic and global warming

CAGE contributes to new findings on methane release from the seabed

21. January 2014

A new Science paper with contributions from CAGE presents new findings on methane release and global warming.

Cristmas decoration, Silver beautifful balls

Season’s greetings!

19. December 2013

Merry Christmas to you all and our best wishes for a safe and prosperous New Year!


CAGE researchers clarify the Arctic’s role in global climate during the Pliocene

11. December 2013

The relation between the Arctic and global warming has attracted public awareness over the past years. To really understand the future challenge of climate change we need to understand the climate of the past. CAGE researchers have contributed to a recent publication in Earth and Planetary Science Letters which presents new knowledge of the Arctic climate in the Pliocene.

Icebergs in Ilulissat

CAGE congratulate the Bjerknes Centre with an ERC Synergy Grant

10. December 2013

The Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR) in Bergen is to receive 50-60 million NOK from the European Research Council (ERC). CAGE wish to congratulate them with this prestigious grant.

Kronebreen Svalbard

CAGE researcher presents new climate knowledge in Nature

4. December 2013

Melting glaciers and rising sea levels are certainly not new phenomena. Climate change was dramatic even during the last ice age, says Professor Tine Rasmussen.


CAGE is officially opened

25. November 2013

CAGE was officially opened on Friday November 22.


New guest student at CAGE

20. November 2013

Russian PhD candidate Pavel Serov from Saint-Petersburg State University will be spending the next year as part of the CAGE research team.

Anna Silyakova

A wider perspective

5. September 2013

CAGE’s new researcher Anna Silyakova wants to investigate the Arctic with an interdisciplinary eye.

Joel Johnson

– A unique opportunity

5. September 2013

Associate professor Joel Johnson from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) looks forward to spending a year as visiting professor at CAGE.

Giuliana Panieri

From Bologna to Tromsø

4. September 2013

The opportunity to be part of CAGE inspired Italian Giuliana Panieri to bring her family of four to Northern Norway.

Japanese First to Extract Gas from Undersea Hydrate Reservoir

1. April 2013

A revised map of subsea permafrost in the Kara Sea reveals permafrost has degraded more significantly than previously thought.