AKMA-OceanSenses Expedition receives endorsement from UN Ocean Decade

10. May 2022

Between 11-23 May 2022, the AKMA-OceanSenses Research Expedition will sail to the Barents Sea and …

Welcome aboard our virtual research cruise!

4. March 2022

Have you ever dreamt of sailing into the Arctic and taking part in a research …

CAGE Invites Conference – 31st May 2022

10. January 2022

In its final year as a Centre of Excellence, the Centre for Arctic Gas hydrate, …

Siri Ofstad defends thesis on “Arctic planktonic calcifiers in a changing ocean”

14. December 2021

Siri Ofstad will publically defend her PhD thesis entitled, “Arctic planktonic calcifiers in a changing …

Interactive story map for polar night research cruise

12. December 2021

On the 5th December, the CAGE21-6 cruise, led by Associate Professor Monica Winsborrow and Dr …

Professor Alun Hubbard at COP26

CAGE/UiT professor delivers key Arctic message to COP26 Climate Summit

10. November 2021

World leaders and chief executives from industry and business are gathered in Glasgow this last …


Warmer bottom water temperatures increased methane seepage in the NW Barents Sea

7. November 2021

Over the last 18,000 years, there have been phases of extreme bottom water temperatures reaching …

Award for best MSc thesis at Faculty of Science and Technology 2020

2. June 2021

We would like to wish a big congratulations to WP1 Ph.D candidate  Cornelia Mentzoni Binde, …

Methane nibbling bacteria are more active during summer

5. May 2021

Bacteria that thrive on methane released from the ocean floor are an important barrier preventing …

Methane release rapidly increases in the wake of the melting ice sheets

28. April 2021

Melting of the Arctic ice sheets caused rapid methane release from the ocean floor during …

Snow chaos in Europe caused by melting sea-ice in the Arctic

13. April 2021

The April snow falling on fruit blossoms in Europe these days may be directly connected …

Methane monitoring project receives 23,5 million NOK in funding

26. March 2021

EMAN 7 project aims to understand the environmental impact of methane seepage from the sea …

Rapid ice retreat during last deglaciation parallels current melt rates

10. February 2021

Imagine an ice chunk the size of Hawaii disappearing, almost instantaneously, from an ice sheet. …

Karin Andreassen receives the Brøgger Award

6. January 2021

CAGE director, and professor in marine geology and geophysics, Karin Andreassen was honoured with the …

Full moon

The moon controls the release of methane in Arctic Ocean

11. December 2020

High tides may even counter the potential threat of submarine methane release from the warming …

Mohamed Ezat. Photo: Evelyn Pecori

Mohamed Ezat awarded Starting Grant, 25 million NOK

19. November 2020

Tromsø Research Foundation’s Starting Grant is a highly competitive, and attractive funding for early career …

LoVe Ocean Observatory is officially launched

31. August 2020

This tenderly named infrastructure is not very romantic. It is, however, a dreamy addition to …

Andreia Plaza-Faverola wins Young Researcher Award at UiT

17. June 2020

She was given the award for her leadership talents, and for excelling as an early …

New study reveals cracks beneath giant, methane gushing craters

3. June 2020

250-million-year-old cracks in the seafloor feed greenhouse gas methane into giant craters in the Barents …

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Elevated methane levels do not impact tiny Arctic organisms

20. May 2020

There is no evidence that elevated methane levels have a direct impact on planktonic foraminifera …

Haoyi Yao defended thesis online

24. March 2020

Haoyi Yao defended her thesis in cyberspace, due to strict social distancing restrictions implemented by …

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Intensity of past methane release measured with new, groundbreaking methods

11. March 2020

Novel geochemical measurements help scientists reconstruct the past intensity of the methane seeps in the …

Climate gas budgets highly overestimate methane discharge from Arctic Ocean

13. January 2020

There is a huge seasonal variability in methane seeps in the Arctic Ocean, according to …

Thank you for your support in 2019 and best wishes for the holidays!

20. December 2019

We bid farewell to an eventful decade here at CAGE – Centre for Arctic Gas …

Giuliana Panieri. Photo: Torger Grytå

Giuliana Panieri elected as General Secretary of the EGU

3. December 2019

CAGE – professor will serve as General Secretary for the European Geosciences Union for two …

CAGE contributes to new Norwegian deep-ocean observation system

3. December 2019

NorEMSO – a new ocean observation system in the Nordic Seas – has received 60 …

interview, boat, ship, ocean, bad weather

New French documentary on polar science with participation from CAGE-professor

25. November 2019

Professor Giuliana Panieri contributes to a new documentary on France 5. The documentary aims to …

Andreia Plaza-Faverola wins Award for Women in Geosciences

25. November 2019

Else-Ragnhild Neumann Award for Women in Geosciences goes to women who through PhD or postdoctoral work …

CAGE wins Gender Equality Award at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

20. November 2019

The center of excellence has had gender equality in all positions from its start in …

Searching for Aurora with National Geographic on Board

11. November 2019

National Geographic joined a nerve-wracking scientific expedition to furthest realms of the Arctic Ocean, to …

Research Vessel Kronprins Haakon

Taking the new icebreaker to the Arctic-Atlantic Gateway

21. October 2019

The state-of-the-art icebreaker RV Kronprins Haakon is currently deployed to the Arctic – Atlantic Gateway …


Professor Jürgen Mienert, founding director of CAGE, retires

9. September 2019

Professor Mienert has dedicated his scientific pursuits to the response of polar continental margins to …

CAGE research featured in new geological exhibition at museum in Tromsø

5. September 2019

The new permanent exhibition at The Arctic University Museum of Norway tells the story of …

Fresh water found in the Norwegian Sea

20. August 2019

The discovery was made at 800 meters below the surface in two small canyons on …

Changes in ice volume control seabed methane emissions

8. August 2019

New research shows that episodes of methane emission from the seabed off western Svalbard correlate …

Unusual mucous-like substance found buried within seafloor sediment

25. July 2019

The location and microbial composition of recently found biofilms are challenging beliefs about methane diffusion …

US Naval Academy visits CAGE

23. July 2019

STEM students explore Norway For the second year in a row, students from the U.S. …


CAGE welcomes 4 new employees (and springtime!) to Tromsø

11. June 2019

The snow has melted, the grass has turned green, the flowers are blooming, and four …

Giuliana Panieri. Photo: Torger Grytå

CAGE senior scientist Giuliana Panieri promoted to full professor

14. May 2019

Giuliana Panieri reaches career goal, years after unconventional entrance into the field Humanity strives to …


Gas hydrate workshop brings together early-career researchers with international experts

8. April 2019

Workshop focuses on knowledge-sharing and collaboration The Sedimentary Gas Hydrate Workshop, held in Tromsø from …

AR 2018 Cover

CAGE’s 2018 annual report is now available!

5. April 2019

Review this year’s highlights CAGE’s highly-anticipated annual report, recapping core activities of the centre in …


New mapping interface allows public access to cruise data

8. March 2019

CAGE data manager Fabio Sarti partners with IT experts to enable easy access to what …