05/09/2013 – A unique opportunity

Joel Johnson looks forward to spending a year as visiting professor at CAGE.

Joel JohnsonJoel (pictured right) is an associate professor of geology at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) in the US, and is spending the next year on sabbatical leave in Tromsø.

“When I received the advertisement for positions at CAGE I was immediately motivated to inquire about a possible sabbatical position,” Joel says.

Long experience with gas hydrate research

Joel’s research expertise is within marine geology and geophysics, and he has been studying continental margin turbidite and gas hydrate systems since 1999.

He has plenty of experience from drilling and research expeditions, and has also developed a course on shipboard sedimentology for the IODP, which was taught for the first time last year.

– Impressive research group

At CAGE Joel will work across two research groups: ‘Sub seabed: The role of ice ages for fluid flow and methane hydrate’ and ‘Paleo-methane history through the Neogene-Pleistocene’.

He is looking forward to continue this research in Tromsø, and describes his colleagues at UiT as an impressive research group with broad experience.

“I wish to capitalize on the opportunity to discuss gas hydrate science with a large hydrate specific research group”, he says, and adds: “This is a very unique and wonderful opportunity to make significant advancements in our field.”

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