05/05/2017 Giuliana Panieri elected president of EGU division

Associate Professor Giuliana Panieri has been elected president of Division on Biogeosciences at European Geosciences Union (EGU).

Text: Maja Sojtaric

The EGU scientific activities are organised through scientific divisions encompassing all studies of the Earth and its environment and of the solar system in general.

Giuliana Panieri was elected to act as a president for Division of Biogeosciences for two years, and was officially appointed during the 2017 General Assembly of EGU in Vienna in April. Panieri is associate professor at CAGE, Department of Geosciences, UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

The Division on Biogeosciences at EGU integrates biological, chemical, and physical sciences dealing with processes and interactions within terrestrial and extraterrestrial realms through the current and earlier geological history of Earth and Solar system in general. Its focus is beyond the established scientific approaches embracing multi- and interdisciplinary understandings of the Biosphere functioning in space and time. In this division, we encourage the participation of scientists across different disciplines, including researches from the field of applied Biogeosciences as well as industrial professionals. Experimental, conceptual, and modelling approaches are welcome.



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