02/01/2017 Happy New Year!

CAGE scientists together with the members of Scientific Advisory Board and Steering Committee, November 2016. Photo: Torger Grytå

We wish you all a happy and successful 2017, and we are looking forward to new challenges and achievements for our scientists in the new year.

Text: Maja Sojtaric

2016 has been a busy and interesting year for CAGE. 

Our scientists have published many papers in high ranking journals on subjects as varied as build-up of an ice sheet; mass extinctions of life; links between sea ice in the Arctic and climate change; ice sheets that may be hiding vast amounts of methane; and specialised life forms around Arctic methane seeps.

Illustration: Torger Grytå

Our collaboration with NILU, Norwegian Centre for Air Research showed that methane released from the ocean floor did not reach the atmosphere. Illustration: T. Grytå.

We have conducted many cruises – both by ourselves and  in collaboration with others, such as AMOS Norwegian Centre of excellence on Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems at NTNU and German research centre MARUM.

Observatory retrieved

In 2016 we have recovered and redeployed our ocean floor observatories after obtaining data from areas of known methane gas release. Photo: Benedicte Ferré.

Two successful conferences and several workshops have been arranged by CAGE scientists such as

13th International Conference on Gas in Marine Sediments and Time series analysis in environmental science and applications to climate change.

We welcomed Kristina Helland-Hansen and  Ingrid Schjølberg to our Steering Committee, and achieved gender equality among our scientists on all levels. 


We are looking forward to sharing many new achievements with you in 2017, and wish you a Happy New Year. 


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