20/11/2013 New guest student at CAGE

Russian PhD candidate Pavel Serov will be spending the next year as part of the CAGE research team.

Pavel (pictured below) is a student at the Faculty of Geology at Saint-Petersburg State University. Centre director Jurgen Mienert will be his supervisor during his stay at CAGE, and he will be part of the research group ‘Sub seabed reservoirs’.

Gas release and permafrostPavel Serov

Here he will analyse the seabed fluid flow in the South Kara Sea, using geochemical data collected at a research cruise this summer. His goal is to provide new data on the concentrations, composition and origin of gases in sediments and bottom water, and try to specify the relationships between the areas of thawing permafrost and enhanced gas release in this area.

Pavel is looking forward to spending a year of his PhD studies at a Norwegian Centre of Excellence.

“I feel good about the atmosphere here, and my new colleagues”, he says.

– Cold and beautiful

Pavel has never been in Tromsø before, but is happy with the city.

“It is very small compared to St. Petersburg, where I come from, but it’s very nice and the landscapes are beautiful”, he says.

He is however used to the cold climate, and is hoping to get some time for his favourite hobby – snowboarding – whilst living in Northern Norway.

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