Cathrine Lund Myhre

Cathrine Lund Myhre holds a phD in physical chemistry from University of Oslo, Norway and she has been employed at NILU- Norwegian Institute for air research since 2005. Her main research field is atmospheric compositional change and atmospheric measurements. In particular she works with natural and anthropogenic greenhouse gases and aerosols and their sources, concentrations and long term trends. Sub-Arctic and Arctic region have a special focus in her work.

Cathrine is currently a senior scientist at the Department of Atmospheric and Climate Research, NILU. She is an experienced project leader and involved in numerous national and international research projects. She is also responsible for national monitoring programs for Norway and Svalbard on behalf of Norwegian Environment Agency. Her research and activity are well documented in many peer-reviewed publications and reports.

Cathrine is team leader for the research group ‘Atmosphere’ at CAGE.

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