Karl Fabian

Karl Fabian is a researcher at the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU).

Being a professional mathematician and geophysicist, Karl Fabian has worked in marine geophysics, rock and environmental magnetism since 1993, and has published more than 40 peer-reviewed articles on various aspects of geomagnetic research, including atomic-scale magnetic models, analytical and numerical micromagnetics, theoretical models of remanence acquisition and hysteresis, experimental work on mineral-, rock-, and paleomagnetic measurement methods, paleomagnetic field studies and large-scale geomagnetic field modeling. Karl Fabian co-authored several studies on magnetic properties of marine sediments. He participated in establishing a low-temperature magnetic laboratory and was the scientific leader to build one of the first fully automated cryogenic magnetometers for marine sciences at the University Bremen, Germany. His research at the Geological Survey of Norway focuses on nanoparticle magnetism in sediments, hard rocks and environmental materials. He develops measurement methods for paleointensity determination as well as evaluation techniques for geochemical and mineralogical data. Recent work also includes the development and application of methods for global reconstructions of the paleofield geometry during geomagnetic-field reversals and excursions.

In the CAGE project he will focus on multi-parameter studies of rock and paleomagnetic measurements, and their interpretation in terms of iron sulfide and oxide minerals.

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