Mariana da Silveira Ramos Esteves

Mariana is a PhD in marine geology at the University of Tromsø. Her PhD project aimed to; 1) elucidate the glacidynamic development of former ice sheets in the Barents Sea and 2) to identify the processes and factors of importance for the deglaciation of the area.

Prior to her position, Mariana graduated from Bangor University in 2012 with a Master of Oceanography via the BSc Geological Oceanography. Her BSc project focused on the impact of the sea level rise since the Last Glacial Maximum on the strength of the North Atlantic Overturning Circulation. Following the BSc, Mariana’s master’s project focused on the deglacial to postglacial reconstructions of the western Canadian Arctic, with a particular emphasis on the western Northwest Passage. Mariana examined the ice-rafted debris in long sediment cores and was able to provide an extensive marine based reconstruction.

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