Terje Thorsnes

Terje Thorsnes is  a senior marine geologist working at NGU. His area of expertise is within marine geology, with emphasis on seabed sediments and morphology, links between geology and biology within an ecosystem framework, fluid flow and water column acoustics, and application of Synthetic Aperture Sonar fitted on AUV for detailed seabed investigations.

He has a long experience as project leader, including the geological part of the large multidisciplinary mapping program MAREANO, and currently represents NGU in several national and international committees. He has acquired extensive experience with databases and information systems, and visualisation of complex natural features using state-of-the-art tools. He holds a Cand.Scient. degree from the University of Bergen, with a thesis on the tectonometamorphic evolution of allochthonous rocks in the Central Norwegian Caledonides.

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