What was the ultimate timing of historic methane leakages from sediments in the seabed? Did they occur periodically over millions of years or rather abruptly? We will develop realistic modelling tools and start a dedicated programme on methane-derived carbonates in the Arctic to shed light over this, and expect to be able to present unique new information.

Jochen-Greigite_MS_Fig2Our analyses will give all centre members a critical discussion forum. The synergy between field-campaigns to study active sites and laboratory analysis to decipher methane paleorecords in our research will enable us to provide new knowledge about the times of methane emission.

About the research area leader

Jochen Knies is a senior researcher at the Geological Survey of Norway. His research expertise is mainly focused on marine geological and environmental investigations along the continental margin off Northern Norway, the Barents Sea, Svalbard and the Arctic Ocean.

Jochen holds a PhD degree in marine geology from the University of Bremen. His professional experience includes a position as postdoctoral fellow at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany, and a period as visiting professor at the University of Hawaii, USA.

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